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Development of Nucleic Acid-based biosensing Systems

Biosensor development for clinical purposes has attracted scientific interest over the past 15 years owing to the need for rapid, simple hand-held testing devices in medicine. Biological sensors are optical, electrical, piezoelectrical devices that have the ability to detect biological compounds, such as nucleic acids and proteins.

Our research group is focused on the potential of biosensing research areas described above. Our researchers are working on building a biosensing system based on nucleic acid using the biocompatibility and programmable properties of the nucleic acid and the specific binding properties typified by the aptamer.

  • Key publications

Rapid Diagnosis of Coronavirus by RNA-Directed RNA Transcription Using an Engineered RNA-based Platform

RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP), the primer-independent RNA-replicable enzyme is a unique protein which can be produced by the virus-infected cells. We introduced a novel diagnostic methodology for coronavirus using the RNA-directed and de novo RNA replicable function of RdRP. In this study, RNA platform for RdRP-induced transcription (RPRIT) was developed and the presence of RdRP can be readily detected within 30 min. This novel RdRP-based detection method can provide a new route for rapid diagnosis of RNA virus-infected patients.

Sangwoo Han, Ohsung Ko, Geonhu Lee, Sun-Wook Jeong, Yong Jun Choi, Jong Bum Lee

Read more... Nano Letters, 21, 462-468 (2021)

Enzyme‐Driven Hasselback‐Like DNA‐Based Inorganic Superstructures

The enzymatic synthesis of DNA‐based inorganic micro/nanostructures is described by Jong Bum Lee and co‐workers. DNA‐inorganic hybrid superstructures are grown using a continuous enzymatic feeding system.In contrast to current synthetic techniques, precise control over morphologies, components and functionalities is achieved. This approach is highly apt for various interdisciplinary and biomedical applications, including contrast agents and electrode materials.

Jae Sung Lee, Hyejin Kim, Changshin Jo, Jaepil Jeong, Jeonghyun Ko, Sangwoo Han, Min Sun Lee, Ho‐Young Lee, Jeong Woo Han, Jinwoo Lee, Jong Bum Lee

Read more... Advanced Functional Materials, 27(45), 1704213 (2017)